Archer and Spearman

Archer and Spearman

2020 Wood, Painted 3'7" x 1'6" x 3'5"

Sold - Warren St Condominium, Tribeca, NY
(Can be remade)

Other Versions:

Archer and Spearman were originally conceived with the Bolt Sculpture - as a first in a series of sculptures made from 6 x 6 Railroad Ties wood. They were in my solo show at the BAU Gallery in 2015. The Three looked lovely together each painted a different bright color making them happy and playful looking.

Later in 2020 my friend and brilliant designer Clodagh ask me for two vertical sculptures that looked good together for a client. She loved Archer and Spearman but really wanted them painted bronze and specified the exact size of the bases. I was delighted to sand them down and repaint them and build their short bases. They now have a more elegant abd polished look and I'm glad they found a home in NYC. Above there is a picture of their final installation.

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